Walks on Sat., June 4 / samedi, 4 juin

Two walks this Saturday!  

1.  Jane Walks with Doors Open Ottawa     1:30 pm / 13:30 h

Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau is pleased to offer a walking tour as part of  Doors Open Ottawa again this year.  For  2016,  Ken Smid will offer a tour of the former convent that is now the home of The National House of Prayer.  

Une fois de plus, dans le cadre de Ottawa Portes Ouvertes 2016, la promenade de Jane offrira une visite de l'ancien couvent qui abrite aujourd'hui la Maison nationale de prière.

This walk will be bilingual/Cette visite sera bilingue.
   Details: francais
   Details:  English

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The whole list of buildings for Doors Open Ottawa can be found here.   Pour accéder au site de Ottawa Portes Ouvertes, cliquez ici. 

2.  Discover the village of Portage-du-Fort   11:00 am

For those prepared to go further afield, Portage-du-Fort is hosting a walk focused on the built heritage and the history of the village.  Portage-du-Fort is situated on the north bank of the Ottawa River in the Pontiac region of Quebec, west of Shawville.  You can drive out on either the Ontario side, taking Highway 17 to Pinnacle Rd, then follow County Road 4 to cross over the dam at Ile Limerick (a bit past Renfrew) or on the Quebec side, taking 148 past Shawville and then 301 to Portage-du-Fort (note that 303 is closed).   Driving time is about an hour and 15 minutes.   Click here for details. 



June 04, 2016

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