Nom: Jane's Walk Organizers
Jour: mai 03, 2015
Heure: 4:00 PM
Durée: 3.0 hr
Langue: English
Départ: The Lieutenant's Pump, Elgin St. north of Gladstone
Fin: same
Quartier: Centretown
Distance: 3.0 km

The Lieutenant's Pump has been refurbished, and as well as beautiful new tables and seats, they have some shiny new washrooms..  At least one of these is wheelchair accessible. 

There are still steps down from the main entrance, but wheelchairs can come in through a gate to the patio, which is accessed by a ramp. Please give us (and the pub management) feedback on how these facilities work out for you.

Jane's Walk Wrap-up Party



Jane's Walk guest book.

No walking on this tour! Have a refreshment and share your experiences of the weekend with other walkers. Tell us your impressions, and give us ideas for next year. Write or draw in our guest book.


Find an empty chair and sit down for a well-deserved rest.


The Jane's Walk organizers welcome you to the Wrap Party.  This year's core team:

  • Louise Renauld-George
  • Laura Mueller
  • Lionel Njeukam
  • Jasmine Tranter
  • Shawn McNicholl
  • Leigh Thorpe

There are many other folks who contribute to Jane's Walk, including walk leaders, marshals, design and technical contributors, publicity, postering, and so on. All of these contributors have made Jane's Walk what it is, and without them, Jane's Walk would not be possible. A big thank-you to all for your time, your donations,, and your gift of in-kind services. Most of all, thanks to those who come out to participate. Together we have created a significant event that brings Ottawans together, and that helps to make Ottawa a stronger, more resilient, more democratic community.