2018—Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau

La promenade de Jane Ottawa-Gatineau

We're closing in on the final program for this year.   If you would like to lead a walk, you'll need to work fast!   To submit a walk idea, click on <Submit a Walk> in the left side menu.  If you would have a question, you can get in touch by email .  Send your question and contact information and we'll get back to you.

Most of this year's walks are already scheduled and are shown on the map and in the lists below.   We'll be adding a few more to the program by the end of April.  Visit this page regularly to see how Jane's Walk is shaping up for Ottawa and Gatineau in 2018.  We'll announce when the schedule is final.  We plan to provide a printable timeline schedule once the schedule is firm. 



May 05, 2018 to May 06, 2018

French Walks

English Walks