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                                                                2018 Jane's Walk Ottawa posters

To help walk leaders and others who want to help spread the word about Jane's Walk, here are some posters that you can put up in community centers, around your neighbourhood, in shop windows, and so on. There are generic Jane's Walk Ottawa posters and some that you can use to add information on a particular walk.   

Posters in .pdf format are ready to print at 8 1/2 x 11.   

Generic posters

For general advertising of Jane's Walk in Ottawa & Gatineau (pdf files)

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             pdf                         pdf


Graphics for customized posters

Create a poster to advertise your own walk

Here is an MS Word doc where you can insert your walk title, your name, and the details of your walk.  Include the time and date.   You may have to tinker with the format to fit in everything.  Remember as you do that that your poster may have to be read from a distance.    We've provided a poster created by Barry Padolsky for his walk as a sample.   Note that the sample is formatted for legal size paper. 

            Blank Poster Image                         Barrys Poster Image
           Blank Poster        -------      Sample Poster
                 docx                                       pdf