Name: Andrea Cordonier (facilitator)
Date: May 02, 2015
Time: 2:30 PM
Duration: 1.5 hr
Language: English
Start: Burritt's Rapids Community Hall, 23 Grenville St.
End: same
Area: Burritt's Rapids
Distance: 0.0 km

The community hall is accessible and there is one accessible washroom on site. The roads and trails around the village are accessible.

Burritt's Rapids: A Living Library Story Swap



Anywhere there are people there are stories. Burritt's Rapids was founded by United Empire Loyalists in 1793—and occupied by First Nations for millennia—so there is much to tell. This facilitated panel discussion is an opportunity to hear oral history firsthand from current and past citizens—our "Living Library"—and contribute to our overall body of knowledge.

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This is a facilitated panel/audience discussion at the Community Hall.


Andrea likes nothing better than to meet strangers. She writes about the relationship of people to their homes and communities at