Name: Andrew Vignuzzi & Graham Ross
Date: May 02, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM
Duration: 1.0 hr
Language: English
Start: Burritt's Rapids Community Hall, 23 Grenville St.
End: same
Area: Burritt's Rapids
Distance: 10.0 km

Burritt's Rapids: Jane's run with the Locals



Like your exploration a little faster-paced? Join local runners for a Saturday morning 10k around Burritt's Rapids. We may modify the route depending on turn out, weather, and interest.  There are several shorter and longer options available. Bottom line:  run faster/farther, see more.

For more information on walks and activities in Burritt's Rapids for Jane's Walk Ottawa, please visit the blog:


The proposed route is to go west on Burritt's Rapids Road (south side of river) to Andrewsville, cross over the historic bridge to the north side, and circle back to the village via Heritage/Donnelly Drive. Bring your running shoes and dress for the weather.

The Community Hall is located at 23 Grenville the village.

Please note: the village has no bank machine or other services.


 Andrew lives in the village. He runs.