Name: Larry Ellis & Carly Farmer
Date: May 03, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM
Duration: 1.5 hr
Language: English
Start: Watson's Mill, Manotick, 5525 Dickinson Street
End: same
Area: Manotick
Distance: 1.0 km

We will mostly be on sidewalks in the village core, but some of them are uneven so wheelchairs may need assistance.

Manotick Village Renewal: Conserving and transforming our built heritage



Photo:  Watson's Mill, Manotick

With over 150 years of history, Manotick’s village core has many fine old buildings in a wide variety of architectural styles. Some have been successfully preserved, and others are being restored and adapted for new uses. Some await their destinies with new owners, and a few are being demolished to accommodate a growing and vibrant village. Join us on a walking tour of the old village as we visit several of these buildings, hear their history, and discuss the challenges and successes of heritage conservation in a growing community.


Starting from Watson’s Mill, we’ll explore Dickinson Square and then walk down Mill Street. We’ll cut through a parkette to view some buildings on Tighe Street, and spend time on Manotick Main Street exploring new additions to the streetscape. We will make our way back up Johnston Clapp Lane and end back at Dickinson Square.


Larry Ellis is a longtime Manotick resident, historian, newspaper columnist, and author who has written several books on the history of Manotick and its buildings.

Carly Farmer has a B.A.S in Conservation and Sustainability and is currently pursuing a Masters of Architecture specializing in heritage conservation. Manotick residents and business owners will contribute their stories of renewal and restoration.