Name: Bruce Henderson
Date: May 03, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM
Duration: 1.5 hr
Language: English
Start: Poets' Pathway Plaque, Coronation Park
End: same
Area: Riverview Park
Distance: 1.5 km

There are unpaved paths in the woods. The route may not be accessible to wheelchairs.

The Poets' Pathway walks the Road Less Travelled By . . .in Coronation Park



Photo:  Ben Glossop & Michel Therien

On our sixth Jane’s Walk, the Poets’ Pathway and Bruce will take you through Coronation Woods, a lovely green island in the least green strip of the Pathway, situated between the CHEO area with its butterfly park and the Rideau River at Hurdman’s Bridge. We invite you to walk through the spring woods and listen to some 19th Century poems about Ottawa woods by our most celebrated poets, to hear some stories and history of Riverview Park, maybe find some of the same wildflowers that the poets saw 125 years ago, share your own poetry or music, and walk on to CHEO's beautiful Butterfly Garden.

Things you might like to bring along: your own poem to share with an audience under the trees, or an instrument if you would like to play a tune, and any stories you know of the area or the woods. If you have any knowledge of the flora and wildlife of the woods, bring that too! The walk begins and ends at our latest plaque, unveiled October 31 , 2014. The plaque is on a lovely, tall limestone rock, and the poem is by William Wilfred Campbell, “… into the stilly woods I go…” Wear sturdy shoes and whatever clothing is suitable for the weather, and bring a water bottle.

There are many ways to get to Coronation Park. If you drive on the Queensway, exit at Riverside, go south on Riverside to Industrial, then turn left onto Industrial, go past Alta Vista and take the next right onto Neighbourhood Way.  This will bring you to Coronation Avenue and the woods. If you look to the left at the intersection of Neighbourhood and Coronation, you will see the rock with the Poets' Pathway plaque. Park on side streets. Watch the parking regulations and give yourself a few minutes to get from your car to the plaque. See you there!

Photo: 2014 Poets' Pathway Walk.

Poets Pathway 2014The Poets' Pathway celebrates our lovely city's green spaces, and pays tribute to our famous national poets who were the first to write about Ottawa's natural beauty. You can visit our website at


The walk begins at the latest Poets' Pathway plaque, which stands at the edge of the woods on Coronation Avenue, halfway between Chomley Crescent and Station Blvd.  From there, we will walk along the trail to explore the woods, and perhaps walk on to CHEO's beautiful Butterfly Garden.


Bruce loves nature, walking and poetry, and is an experienced walk leader with the Rideau Trail Association. The last few years he has led walks of the Poets’ Pathway, walking the 34 km. in one day, and also over several days.