Name: Kenneth Smid
Date: June 04, 2016
Time: 1:30 PM
Duration: 1.0 hr
Language: English
Start: École secondaire de La Salle
End: 17 Myrand Ave.
Area: Lowertown
Distance: 0.5 km

The building is not wheel-chair accessible. 

Jane's Walk: Tour of the National House of Prayer



Please note:  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Hélène Beauchamp will not be available to lead this walk.  

In place of the walking tour of Lowertown, Jane's Walk will take you on a visit to a former Lowertown convent that now houses the National House of Prayer.  Our guide for this tour will be Kenneth Smid, an associate director at NHOP.  He will share some of the history of the building, which was built by a Roman Catholic priest and was used as a convent for many years.  The interior of the building, at least the main floor, is reported to be very beautiful, and the rare photos and descriptions of the rooms by those who have visited bear this out. 

Join us for our tour of this hidden gem, which may be one of the best-kept heritage secrets in Ottawa. 


We will meet in front of the École secondaire de La Salle on Old St. Patrick St.   From there we will walk to the National House of Prayer, passing Ste. Anne's Church along the way.  The tour will take us inside the NHOP.


Ken Smid is an associate director of the National House of Prayer.

This is a bilingual walk./Ceci est une visite guidée bilingue. Description francais.